Band i
Band 1 DX Log May 2010
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1539   53.00MHz     PI:5396 Jonica Radio also // 55.0MHz
1558   52.55MHz     Nuova Rete  // with webstream
1613   IA   RAI Uno


1443   R2   L1      5544 Testcard from Lithuania
1523   R1   5TV     St Petersburg, Russia             


1523   E4   MTB     Macedonia, logo TLC
1531   E3   JRTV    Jordan, logo TRC           


1635   61.00MHz     PI:5659 PS:SUXSOUND  Radio Supersound, Sardinia
1641   IA   RAI Uno Using new logo


0940   E4   ORF1     Studio prog, logo TRC, German audio
1657   IA   RAI Uno  Strong enough that I decoded teletext!


0409   R1   Nova
0410   R1   M1
1012   IA   RAI Uno  Cookery prog
1053   E3   RTP1     Women singing, v strong.
1104   E4   MTB1     logo TLC
1107   IB   RAI Uno  unstable carrier
1156   E4   HRT1     logo TLC
1157   R2   1TV      unid TX (2p)
1158   R2   RTR      Logo with fig.1 added
1204   R2   Mol1     Moldova, woman talking to cam
1209   R2   1+1      Uzgorod, Ukraine, logo TRC
1310   R2   RTL Klub Hungary. logo TLC
1211   R1   m1       Subtitled prog
1218   R1   Nova     logo TLC
1222   R1   1+1      Adverts


1211   IA   RAI Uno


1139   IA   RAI Uno  9P offset
1205   53.00MHz PI:5396 Jonica Radio also // 55.0MHz
1517   R1   UT1      News on Ukraine TV
1550   R2   Mol1
1551   R1   1TV      St Petersburg TX
1552   R2   1+1
1600   R3   Mol1     Straseni TX
1602   R1   1+1
1646   E2   RTP1


1302   IA   RAI Uno
1303   IB   RAI Uno
1309   E4   MTB1
1510   E2-  A Blu    Antenna Blu Italy, logo BRC
1514   E2   IRIB     Iran, in colour!
1610   54.37MHz      PI:5E4E PS: R_S_A_-_  Radio Spazio Aperto
1615   53.00MHz      PI:5396               Jonica Radio // 55.0MHz
1731   R2   MOL1     logo TRC but severe CCI from IA audio
1828   R1   Nova     Logo and age restriction logo
1834   R2   L1
1835   E4   HRT1     WWTBa Millionaire


1223   52.50MHz                           Radio Planet FM
1224   56.80MHz      PI:5158              Studio X
1227   63.75MHz      PI:53E1 PS:_RETE96_
1228   66.50MHz      PI:5499 PS:GALILEO_
1232   67.50MHz      PI:5362 PS:_DELTA__
1235   61.00MHz      PI:5241 PS:_VIRGIN_
1236   61.20MHz      PI:5365 PS:R.P.ZERO
1239   60.32MHz      PI:5742 PS:IL?SUO??  Radio Abruzzo Marche
1241   52.49MHz      PI:54B6 PS:RDS_SPOT  Planet FM
1244   55.75MHz      PI:5088 PS:_INBLUE_
1251   58.50MHz      PI:5211 PS:_105_FM_
1256   63.40MHz      PI:533D PS:STUDIO_5
1256   ????????      PI:5560              somewhere just above IB
1310   56.50MHz      PI:5488 PS:MEPRADIO
1551   52.55MHz      PI:5E75 PS:_NUOVA__ (dyn PS)
1553   56.00MHz      PI:20FE PS:TELESIA_
1558   58.45MHz      PI:5E4E
1213   E3   e21      News
1217   IA   RAI Uno  - 0 + offsets all 9+20dB!
1704   IB   Telebari Car sales and servicing advert.
1726   E2   ORTAS    graphics along bottom of screen
1758   R2   RTL Klub BIG signal!
1825   E2   STV2     Cameroon. Very weak video for a few seconds.
1827   E4   unid     Frying noise carrier. Eq Guinea acc. to Hugh Cocks.

Telebari has been around for a while but was always weaker than RAI from Monte Faito, now that is off air I'm able to see weaker signals like this one. The logo is an old sailing ship in the BRC, typical shouty Italian telesales stuff.
Great day for Italian STLs too, the D100 works really well for getting the RDS from these.


0950   E3   RTP1     OB from childrens hospital
1446   64.70MHz      PI:5373              unid Italian STL
1620   47.26MHz      wide FM. Italian Church link? religious service.
1951   R2   UT1      Ukraine's got Talent.
2025   R2   unid     59.243.5  circular logo, Kanal 5 Ukraine?


1517   E3  JRTV      logo TRC
1518   R2  BT1       Belarus
1519   R3  Mol1      unstable carrier and logo TRC
1624   R4  BT1       Belarus news and weather.
1629   R5  unid      tent. Belarus by frequency.
1659   R3  ONT       Belarus. Football match, H logo TRC
1659   R2  UT1       old world cup football match.
1713   R3  UT1
1731   R1  RTR       logo TRC
1739   R2  unid      Kanal 5 Ukraine? weak video and logo


1816   E4  RUV       Icelandic News.
1907   R5  unid      tent. Belarus by frequency.
1917   E3  RUV       // E4
1926   R3  1TV       unid TX Russia. (2p offset)
1929   R4  BT1
1930   R3  K5        Kanal 5 Ukraine, circular logo TRC.
1931   R3  BT1       Hrodna TX.
1959   R3  RTR      
Belarus, Kolodishchi.
2026   E3  e21       V strong signal.
2106   R2  L1        L1 logo TRC
Interesting to see RUV, BT and Russia all taking the heats of Eurovision. Some of the R3 stations I've not seen in 4 years! An excellent opening to the E and NE. RTR appeared to rebroadcasting the External service of RTR, hence the different logo


0939   E4  RUV       5544 widescreen testcard
1601   IA  RAI Uno   strong signal, alternating logo.


1512   R2  1+1
1641   R3  Mol1      Football match
Some interesting carriers heard today but not strong enough for video including an E2 6p Iran thought to be Tehran. An R2 that was about 2kHz wide and a burbling mess, not uncommon for some of the Russian or Ukraine transmitters. An R3 signal that was so unstable it sounded like a police siren.


0858   E3   ORTAS    arabic text scrolling along bottom
1009   E4   ORF1     Tennis
1032   A2   Tele Antillas   Dominican Republic.
1137   A4            // with A2
1203   A6   unid     Audio only. 87.75Mhz! // with others.
1228   A5   unid     Women chat prog, with audio.
2101   A4   NTV      New Falls, Canada. NTV Newshour.
This short log doesn't really do the day the justice it deserves, I'd not be surprised if I never seen the likes of it again! It started off pretty well with Syria on E2, quite rare in itself as it's normally drowned out by Iran on 8m. The MUF rose rapidly and out of the CCI I got ORF1 Austria, tent. the 1kW Neumarkt Kulmer transmitter.

Then late morning I noticed the 6m maps were starting to go red towards the Caribbean so swung round and was quite surprised to see a brief image of man in a suit which was obviously 525 lines as the Thomson switches down to the smaller screen. The MUF rose rapidly after this and I followed it upto A5 including the audio! I'd already tipped off Mike Fallon, an FM dxer that the MUF was very high to the SW and he suddenly became aware of distorted Spanish audio on 87.75 which I was able to confirm as // with the lower channels, the first time we'd encountered transatlantic signals as high as B2.

With the help of Hugh Cocks and later reviews of the video we were able to confirm most of the signals were of Tele Antillas, Dominican Republic. This site is 7023km from me, there was at least one other station received during this mega opening but it remains unidentified. What was surprising was the amount of colour resolved on these signals, programming for the most part was about the Colombian election the previous day although there are some adverts and news in the recorded parts.

I almost missed the Canadian signal in the evening, I'd been monitoring A2 but it, along with A3 were completely empty so it was surprising to see an S7 signals on A4! Also surprising, how clean the signal is from 3900km, it was the same last time too, very clear video quality unlike the 3x Es from the Caribbean with its distorted picture.